Don't Settle for a Gapped Smile
By Dental Care Kalamazoo
December 14, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Consider getting dental implants in Kalamazoo if you want to restore your smile for life.

There is nothing pretty about having gaps in your smile reminding you that you once had a full, gorgeous smile. But don’t just throw in dental implantsthe towel so fast! Our Kalamazoo, MI dentist, Dr. Mini Rangrass, offers a host of different tooth replacement options to cater to all of your needs, and one of the best restorations to consider is a dental implant.

Dental implants are permanent restorations. Their sole purpose is to replace natural tooth roots. Once our Kalamazoo cosmetic dentist has deemed your smile ideal for implants the first thing we will do is numb the area to be treated before placing the implant into a small hole that we have drilled into the jawbone. Once the gums are stitched back up we will give your mouth several months to fully heal.

During this healing phase, an amazing phenomenon will take place: the implant and the bone will begin to fuse together to become one. Implants are highly successful and once they have become part of your jawbone they are considered your restoration for life. Of course, you will still need to come in for routine exams and also maintain the very best oral hygiene possible to make sure that your implant truly lasts, but there is no other tooth replacement option that offers the same lifelong benefits.

Once the bone and implant have become one we will need to open the gums back up to place a special piece over top of it, known as an abutment, that will help to connect the implant with the actual restoration. We will allow your gums a few more weeks to fully heal before we place the artificial tooth or teeth over the implant.

Implants can be a great option for anyone missing one or more teeth. Implants are fully capable of supporting everything from a dental crown to a full set of dentures. How many implants we place into the jawbone will depend on the extent of your tooth loss.

Do you have questions about dental implants? Need to find out whether you are the perfect candidate for implants? No problem! Dental Care Kalamazoo can help you regain a healthy smile.


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